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I'm okay....I'm fine....it will never happen to me. That's what I thought. Well I found myself clinging to life in the hospital with a heart attack, a stent and literally being told "welcome to the world of heart disease and diabetes". I had to make a choice! I didn't want to remain like this , on eight medications and over weight. 


So I embarked on a journey to find answers and solutions. I quickly found out that the Standard American Diet and the food pyramid was not going to help but make things worse, I found the ketogenic lifestyle! After many years of yo-yo dieting and constant heart burn, I found the ketogenic lifestyle, backed by science. I found out how food can be your medicine.


I am now down 70 lbs, no more heartburn and off all medications. It is now my passion to help as many people as I can, to show them that there is hope and there are answers. I would love to help you start your journey and stay on it, a life of health, a life of hope. So let's get your life back! It's easier then you think!