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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

You may ask what is a Keto Health Coach?


What does a Keto Health Coach do?


You may think, do I really need one?

Well, our purpose is to help you find your inner strength to finally succeed in your health journey. We support you through that journey without any judgement. Give YOU the ability and the information to find YOUR own solutions that work, that is custom for you and gets you on the road to your goals.  Keep you accountable. A Keto Health Coach is a empower for life and change…a Life Changer. We provide the right kind of support to help you make critical lifestyle and behavior changes aligned with your health goals.

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Meet Joe


I have worn many hats in my life, from auto mechanic to theater tech and truck driver, even a chef! But life will hand us all some lemons and with the lemons that I got,  I chose not to accept them. But in that process of making  my lemonade I found my purpose! 

Your Why


"At first they will ask you why your doing it. Then they will ask you how you did it!"

WHAT'S YOUR, family, reunion? What ever it is, do it for you, you're worth it!!!!

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Individual & Group
Keto Health Coaching


Get coached individually or in a group, it's your choice. Check out the plans for rates.

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